Picnics and hot soup and white wine on bridges, these are a few of my favorite things… also I decided I missed this one too.

Decided I would maintain both by blogging the same post on both places since some people just like one better than the other. ¬†ūüôā


Taking a break from the hustle and bustle to work on love is important.


Wes and I kiss and hug, say I love you and gaze into each other’s eyes more than most, to say the least… but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to take a few minutes for just us. ¬†Get out of our house, away from the television, even take a break from cooking ::gasp!:: and just¬†be.


We did that the other day. ¬†We got some bottles we filled with wine and headed to one of our favorite little restaurants to pick up some food. ¬†He got a burger that even¬†I¬†enjoyed with sweet potato fries, and I got butternut squash ravioli with a red pepper and tomato soup, which I ended up making an additional sauce to the already delicious brown butter. ¬†Under an old bridge we relaxed and did nothing for a little while. ¬†Real life crept back in and we had to go, eventually. ¬†But I must tell you… do this. ¬†Take some time. ¬†If you aren’t in a relationship, go somewhere and read by yourself. ¬†I used to do that a lot. ¬†I’d go to Chili’s and say, “I’ll take a chocolate lava cake, an appletini and pay you a very large tip if you keep the water coming and don’t bother me.” ¬†With a big smile of course. ¬†I’d read until the food came, read while I ate, read while I drank, read for a while longer, pay handsomely like I promised and feel a bit better that I took a moment for me. ¬†So what it wasn’t healthy? ¬†And maybe you want to make it healthy, that’s okay too. ¬†Now that I have Wes, I’ll still do that, but it’s just as important to take those moments¬†with¬†him to make sure we don’t lose the magic to the everyday (the grocery story, the bills, school, work, etc). ¬†Lesson everyone:¬†take a breather.


Here are a few shots from our break from the stresses of life.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Having to move…

So we found out that we can’t have ads on wordpress… Now I don’t WANT to spam people when they come to read my life and recipes…¬†however I do need to eat, and I hear that may help that cause… so if you are still interested in my food ramblings (which I’m sure you’ve noticed this has become a bit more foodcentric lately) we are moving to¬†http://thecutenessfoodblog.blogspot.com/¬†– it’s happened today, ironically right after my last post because I went to add something and that didn’t work. ¬†Thanks in advance to those who follow, those who don’t I understand. ‚̧ ¬†We will miss you!

The Grass is Green

Jacked ankles, engagement photos and vinaigrettes.

Well food has been on my brain something fierce lately. ¬†I’ve collected a zillion recipes, bought a ton of food and thennnnnn hurt my ankle… BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! ¬†Wes just hurt his. ¬†At an Ultimate Tournament last week he sprained his left ankle something fierce. ¬†Bruised – black, purple, blue, etc. ¬†Hot messy, it was. ¬†Super sad and he was in a ton of pain. ¬†Well I was Nurse Buf, however clumsy me messes my right ankle up and then I’m down for the count. ¬†Irony is my dad is healing from his bad sprain from you-guessed-it… ultimate. ¬†Dangerous game. ¬†Anywoozles, now we have one pair of good legs between us and we are hobblin’ round the house like gimps and having a hard time cooking, cleaning or doing one damn thing at all really. ¬†I’ve been taking him to school so he doesn’t have to walk but then I’m sore. ¬†It’s ridiculous. ¬†BUT we did feel okay enough to make something delicious the other day. ¬†Damn good in fact. ¬†First, let’s have a talk about vinaigrettes.

I’m obsessed. ¬†You can take ANYTHING and turn it in to a sauce. ¬†Wes calls me the Sauce Master… or something like that. ¬†But seriously ya’ll this is the best. ¬†Food processors (or blenders) are the best inventions! ¬†You need very little to make these delicious things, they taste good over EVERYTHING annnnnnnd they are cheap to boot. ¬†I was distraught since we received a bunch of peppers for free (and I bought a purple one because… well it was purple) and they were like two hours from going bad and what do you do with that, really? ¬†Well you roast them in the oven on the broil setting for 40ish minutes along with an onion and turn it into a vinaigrette, that’s what! ¬†Let me share with you my new found brilliance on How Not To Waste Veggies and Fruits!

Red Wine Vinegar – 1 part

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3 parts

– I used 3 Tbsp RWV to 9 Tbsp of EVOO – make sense (but I’m sure you could use regular olive oil but I think one should always have extra virgins around)

Now we take our roasted veggies (I used 4 small peppers – I don’t even know which kind since they were given to me) and one small white onion), don’t worry about chopping them much, that’s what our food processor, or blender, is for. ¬†Just scoop out it’s guts and skin the onion like usual.

Salt and cracked black pepper

Now go ahead and whirl that up. ¬†Choppity chop. ¬†Or whatever you want to call it. ¬†Grind that thing until it’s almost smooth, don’t get too crazy because you may want to add more things. ¬†I did.

I added some cherry tomatoes (4 or 5) for brightness, then more salt because tomatoes need salt. ¬†And then do some more pulsating with the processor, I added some garlic and voila! ¬†Literally that was it. ¬†Probably the mix of peppers was perfect which is why I didn’t need much but it was delicious.

It covered four large potatoes as a side dish.  Delicious!  Look how cheap though, guys!  One onions, 4 small peppers, 5 cherry tomatoes and a few Tbsp of ingredients you have around the house and you have a sauce, which could have easily been a dressing for a salad.

It was so good and so easy/fast that I made one more the next day. ¬†*My way isn’t pretty -YET- but that’s okay… all food doesn’t have to be pintrest beautiful… I read that on HuffingtonPost.* ¬†The base (3 – 1, EVOO to RWV), one raw onion, tomatoes, garlic, season salt and cracked black pepper on butter poached chicken over rice with grilled zucchini and squash (a staple in our home). ¬†So easy, so fast, so yummy and so cheap! ¬†This one was even faster because I didn’t roast anything.


I can’t wait to try a fruit version for salad. ¬†And I have some random veggies left around that are close to going bad…. helllllo food processor, let’s see what other combos I can do! ¬†I was staying safe to start with because I had never done this before but no more! ¬†I think I’m going to try making my own ranch too. ¬†Wish me luck!

And I leave you with a few engagement pictures!


The Grass is Green

Wok are you going to do about it? Ohhh the cheese!

So, obviously we used a wok.  And our rice cooker.  For the first time.  Yeahhhhh buddy.  And it was delish.


Okay, so here’s the picture.



Oil, garlic, chicken, broccoli, peppers and zucchini in the wok. ¬†Then we tried the new Campbell’s sesame and garlic sauce. ¬†Salt and pepper. ¬†The usuals. ¬†And then add the rice and there you go! ¬†Easy. ¬†Next time we plan on making our sauce with some soy and oyster, etc but only a few new things at once really.

Chicken: $3

Oil, garlic, salt and pepper: $1

Broccoli: $2

Peppers: free!  Given to us by his mother when we visited.

Zucchini: $0.50

Rice: $0.50

Dinner for 2, lunch for 2 and leftovers for 2, $7.  Next time we make half the rice and chicken.  It ended up being way too much Рobviously.


I saw Iron Maiden. ¬†HOLY DAMN. ¬† Let’s just say, I understand why they are called the Gods of Rock. ¬†One of the best shows ever. ¬†My dad hurt his ankle a few weeks back and since he was my concert buddy it was going to be a challenge to do the whole lawn thing, so, we ended up getting handicap VIP seats. ¬†Holleratchagurl.

IMG_1608 Bruce Dickinson IMG_1641 Eddie


Today I’m on mandatory rest due to overuse of everything and a sore ankle, ironically it wasn’t from rocking out.

Back to the grind tomorrow though.  School and looking for a job.  Le sigh.

Engagements pictures this week.  So proud of us.  So gorgeous if I do say so myself, and I do.


If anyone wants to buy my a digital slr so my pictures can be sharper and prettier please do that.  Thanks.


Grass is Green.

The week of the dips. And everything starting up again.

Sorry it’s been a while.

Our break is over.  Reality is back.  Yadda yadda.

It’s good in a way, though. ¬†We needed to get out of the house more, but this is a bit much. ¬†Anyways, let me stop with the cryptics and fill you in.

So Wes’ school started back. ¬†He’s in six classes and playing Ultimate, so he’s just a wee bit busy. ¬†Basically has an hour between activities to do homework or kiss me on the forehead. ¬†No seriously, I think today he was home for a few hours total. ¬†But I was super busy so it was okay and usually I would have had a ton of errands, but I had online work today. ¬†Still been doing surveys, and yes, they are still slow going. ¬†If it wasn’t for the yay! I’m almost at the cashout amount, I may give up entirely since it’s taking forever, but instead I push ahead. ¬†Not like it’s hard work, just SO time consuming and I’m basically making a few quarters an hour. ¬†But I guess that’s better than the nothing I would be making if I was JUST watching tv. ¬†Anywhoozles… I’m looking for a job in a small market, and that sucks. ¬†I got a call back and we’ve been playing phone tag for days now but it’s a seasonal thing so I’m not sure it’s worth the headache anymore, I need the money but at this point, she may not even want to hire me. ¬†Oi. ¬†Tonight I have a conference video call with a magazine about some makeup work. ¬†Yay! ¬†It should be fun. ¬†I worked on a Christian music video the other day, it was a wonderful song, wonderful people, fun makeup (that should be pretty moving – will post the video when it’s ready) and paid some bills. ¬†Holler.


Now, to the dips.

We had a game day last week. ¬†And I mean day. ¬†Woke up at 10:30 and started with Lord of the Rings Monopoly, intense stuff. ¬†Wes taught me Chess, we played six games of yatzee, and Risk (new to me, and super fun – we played the LOTR version of that too). ¬†Also the banana word game – it’s like… you make your own scrabble boards, google it, it’s great, and ended with Champions of Norath video game.

So due to an epic day, we didn’t want to stop and make a huge meal and a huge mess we would have to deal with. ¬†So Mexian dip was all too fast, easy and filling.

And cheap. ¬†Please remember I’m all about the cheap food.

We took a pound of ground beef, half a packet of taco seasonings, scallions and garlic salt and browned it right up. ¬†I forgot to drain it (thus the mass quanitites of grease you see in the pictures – but we were starved and didn’t think about it). ¬†Then we added a whole packet of Mexican cheese and part of a mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper too, of course, and voila! ¬†Take it off the stove, cover it in sour cream, tomatoes and lettuce on top if desired, we didn’t have any, and serve with scoops. ¬†Delishhhhh. ¬†And oh-so-easy.

Ground beef: $5 Рseriously, I was like whhhat?  Not even buying on a discount, now imagine if I had a coupon.

Did I mention I might start doing this couponing thing? ¬†Not extreme, ain’t nobody got time for that. ¬†But a little maybe.

Scallions: $1, I used less than a third of my big globby.

Taco seasonings packet: $0.50

Sour cream: $3 – I used half of the 16 oz. so the small would have done fine but the bigs were BOGO.

Mexican cheese: $4

Moz cheese: $2

Chips: $3

Total: $18.50. ¬†It made dinner that night and a very overfilling lunch for me the next day and I think he snacked on my lunch while he had his too. ¬†Was it the cheapest we’ve had? ¬†No, not in the least but it was worth it and I mean, do the math. ¬†$6ish a meal, not bad. ¬†Not bad at all.




Now, I wanted something different for lunch/snack a few days ago. ¬†I had never made hummus before but I had this super cheap, simple recipe from a Greek restaurant I ate at in FL that I’d been dying to try, so I thought, why not? ¬†

Ready? ¬†Chick peas, olive oil, garlic salt, pepper. ¬†Um… yeah… that’s it. ¬†I added some juice from a minced garlic jar and a splash of a mixture of Greek seasonings just cause, but there you go. ¬†You mortar and pestle that nonsense and bam. ¬† Not smooth, chunky hummus is all yours. ¬†Pita, nice and toasty with your cooled down dip. ¬†Mmm, it was really good.



I know, it doesn’t look appetizing, but trust me. ¬†

Chick peas: $1.50

Seasonings: $0.25 worth

Pita: $2

Total: $3.75

We both had lunch.  And leftovers.  I mean surrriousssly.


Oh and we went out to eat at this place that had the best build your own sushi.  Died.  I died.


And now, after a day of writers block. ¬†I think… I think I can do it again.

Wish me luck. ¬†I have a few hours before my meeting and I need to make them count, after all… tomorrow is back to the grind. ¬†Job hunting… oh my! ¬†Unless someone wants to send me money so I don’t have to work…


Grass is green.

Epic Mealtime and the last few days.

So Wes had a friend over, let’s call him N. ¬†He loves Epic Mealtime, tis a webseries on the youtubies if you didn’t know, where they make massive foodstuffs. ¬†Usually with bacon. ¬†Well he visited us and when we were decided dinner, he mentioned this one meal. ¬†Bacon, steak, onions and peppers deep friend in a ball of dough. ¬†Yeah, let’s deffo do that. ¬†So we did. ¬†I fried bacon, Wes grilled steak and N had the most important job (if you ask me, and in this case – we are) – he made the daiquiris. ¬†The peppers roasted in the broiler while the onions cooked in the bacon fat and we rolled out some crescent roll dough. ¬†Hindsight I would have used biscuit dough. ¬†Hindsight I would have just eaten the bacon and steak. ¬†They were friggin delicious.

So, we did it.  Put it all together in a ball of dough and fried it in peanut and veggie oil on the stove.  Did not turn out how we wanted.  Too doughy, whatevs.  The inside was yummy and we tried something new.   Image

BAM!  At least it was crazy filling.

We had leftover bacon and N decided we should have chocolate covered bacon, so… we did that too. ¬†But I had leftover chocolate so I covered some Cuties too.

Nothing fancy, half milk, half semisweet chocolate melted in the microwave for ten seconds at a time.  I dipped the bacon in and scraped the excess off with a toothpick.  It was yummy as all getout.


Cute right?

I had a lovely day to myself while his other friend came over, we will call him D. ¬†I got proper tea and started reading “What the Night Knows” by Dean Koontz. ¬†Super good so far by the way.

Job hunt is not going great but I will be going out to hit the streets next week.  Yay.

Surveys are going well.

Grocery shopping today. ¬†Pasta salad is in my future, but not the mayo based kind, the Italian dressing kind. ¬†Mmmm. ¬†And milk. ¬†We need milk again. ¬†I kid you not, we bought a gallon on Monday. ¬†But there were chocolate martinis involved so….

Oh!  Almost forgot:

Dinner last night – noodles, pasta sauce, squash and zucchini (grilled) – $6 for two meals – I think it’s one of my fave go-tos. ¬†We had leftover squash I used in breakfast this morning.

Breakfast РEggs, soft scrambles.  Leftover squash and zucchini.  Leftover fajita meat from the freezer (an $8 bag we bought ages ago).  $2 -at most- for me, and he had part of the meat in his green bean and corn (I think) medley.

And we still have squash for a snack. ¬†And no I don’t get tired of it. ¬†Find a veggie that’s like that for you, use and love it ūüėČ for a while, then trade it about before you hate it. ¬†You’ll thank me.

Also, I’ll make the background of our page more relevant soon, I promise.

Grass is green.

Underwater, food and the pursuit of financial stability.

Underwater photography.  We did that.  And now we are getting the photos.  Gorgeous by the way.  Just waiting on getting all of them.  Going to make Save-The-Date cards with them.  Steefing others ideas?  Priceless.


I’m starving right now, Wes and his friend are having a lot of fun and I don’t want to interrupt but my stomach says, “you’llllll dieeeeeeee.” ¬†Middle class problems. ¬†Can I complain that I haven’t eaten all day, when I’ve only been up since 11? ¬†No, but I’m doing it.


I’m doing those survey site things, the ones where you waste away at the computer for $0.25. ¬†Since jobs are so hard to find, and short stories are hard to come up with in a day, I gotta do something that feels like I’m accomplishing some financial gain. ¬†So I’m nailing that $1.00 survey! ¬†I’m at $13 on one site, $5 on another, some points on two more. ¬†Eesh, slow going but that’s okay.


Writing is going well so maybe I can sell some of those stories and when I save enough I’ll get the last edit on my book and maybe that wonderful editor will like the tale enough she might help me out. ¬†The ending is a doozy. ¬†


Okay, okay. ¬†I’m bugging them. ¬†I need a bagel, what of it?


The Grass is Green.

Day two of foodieness.

So tonight was one of those, we will eat on the cheap nights. ¬†Not on purpose per se. ¬†Mostly just because we didn’t want to DO much. ¬†And this is super simple.


Veggie pasta. ¬†Delicious and easy. ¬†Awesome. ¬†So here’s the dealio… you throw some red, yellow and orange peppers in the broiler, to roast, while you saute some onions, squash and mushrooms (at least that’s what we used today – they were out of zucchini). ¬†When the peppers are ready, chop em up and add em in the veggie mix. ¬†We used some sgetti noodles and marinara sauce from whatever jar you want unless you realllly want to make fresh stuffies. ¬†When everything is ready toss it all together with some Parm cheese on top and bam, healthyish too!


Peppers – $1.50

Mushrooms – $3.50

Onion (leftover from yesterday)

Squash – $0.50

Noodles – $1.00, did I mention my love for bulk stores yet?

Marinara sauce – $1.00, BJ’s again!

Smidgen of Parm cheese – $0.10

$7.60 and we have dinner leftovers, we made wayyy too much, technically we could have used half of the veggies but we didn’t want to freeze the other half. ¬†


So there is that. ¬†Nothing fancy, but super delish and let’s be srrrrus, four meals for less than $8? ¬†I can dig it.


I’ll update about our other yummy meals soon.


Oh and I attached a picture of the chicken paprika, Wes made yesterday! ¬†P.S. sorry about the quality, we still used the camera phone because we couldn’t find my regular camera. ¬†— for the record it made lunch for me today, he had other leftovers, and we still have other things left.


BUT I FOUND THE CAMERA and now the pictures will be clear!




The Grass is Green.

Food blog? Yes.

So, Wes and I have been cooking. ¬†A lot. ¬†We have been taking pictures too, nothing fancy just with our phones. ¬†I’m thinking though, if we are trying to keep track, and we have this. ¬†Why not use it? ¬†So here I go. ¬†Keeping a foodie blog. ¬†So as usual this keep evolving. ¬†I think it will stay more along the lines of this though, nuggets of us, sarcasm and food. ¬†Welcome to the new Cuteness.


So for my first blurb as nuggets and food blog I shall share about my day.


We are writing short stories. ¬†We love writing okay? ¬†Horror, fantasy, a little sci fi peppered in, just anything that’s dark. ¬†But I’m poor and creative and thought, well why not use my time wisely and write. ¬†We’ll send it to magazines, see what happens? ¬†I’m even going to try and be a reviewer. ¬†I’m friggin snarky when I want to be. ¬†Srsly. ¬†So wish us luck!


Now food. ¬†Tonight we are making a Paprika Chicken, it’s a family favorite.

Sour cream, paprika, chicken broth, salt, pepper, chicken breasts.  Yum.

The best part about our food journey is our lack of funds. ¬†We are living on just above a college level of dollars. ¬†I’m not ashamed, you know why? ¬†That makes me all the more impressive. ¬†I’m making epic food for practically nothing.

Check it. ¬†We bought a pack of 6 chicken breasts – freshly butchered and on sale – for around $8, or something like that, I’ll be keeping track from now on. ¬†And we cook two or three at a time. ¬†We bought the big ones because we can eat, and we love leftovers. ¬†The key is the side dishes, that’s what makes anything go a long way. ¬†

Anywhoozits. ¬†Tonight’s dinner will cost us an additional $0.50 for an onion – Walmart here we come. ¬†Total breakdown though: $2.75ish for the chicken, $0.50 for the seasonings, $2ish for half of a sour cream I bought for a Mexican breakfast I made (we’ve used it for four things before this), I don’t even know how many cents a half a Tbsp of olive oil or 2 Tbsp of flour is, let’s go with $0.50, $1ish for chicken broth we bought yesterday for a garlic, herb and lemon chicken, and finally $1 box of noodles (w00t BJ’s wholesale for the win!)

Total cost for dinner and leftovers for lunch:  $8.25

I can get behind that. ¬†Last night’s was $7.25 and that was lunch today too, and it’s so good that I really don’t mind, and I could have waited a day or two but it’s so yummy.

Cereal or $1 bag of add your $0.50 worth of milk muffins for breakfast and bam.  Good food for days.  

$23ish dollars for two full days of food, including snacks of Pringles, Cheezits, brownies or ice cream. ¬†I mean we don’t eat like college kids do we? ¬†We just cook. ¬†


I’ll be updating more and you’ll see the nights we spend less than $5. ¬†Veggie pasta nights and whatnot. ¬†


Grass is Green

I’m baaaaaaack.

Well I never left. ¬†I’ve just been busy. ¬†Really busy.

I’m done with surgeries.

I’ve moved in with Wes, finally. ¬†And he asked me to marry him! ¬†Finally…

Our wedding is 90% planned and I’m looking for a job.

I’m working on publishing my book and writing another one.

So life has been… hectic shall we say. ¬†But in the best ways.

And now we ¬†gets amazing news… my sister is giving us a cruise for our wedding present! We are getting a honeymoon!!! ¬†So today we finished our registry, which is super cute, and are now watching telemundo. ¬†

It’s been a great day. ¬†

And a great few months.  We are doing an underwater engagement photo session and a photo session at our wedding venue AND a cake tasting within the next week two weeks.  So much is going on.  Fantastic!


Cute right?

I’m proud of us, using the internet to have a better vacation and NOT get another toaster. Go us!


Grass is Green.